Ding Dong Ding

Here is the Zono Minstrels recording of Ding Dong Ding, as featured on Rob Godridge’s YouTube channel –

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Recorded : 15th August 1913
Uploaded : 30th October 2016, by Rob Godridge


Rob Godridge

Rob Godridge is a record collecting and transfer fanatic who has transferred an incredible number of music tracks to digital media, so they can be listened to and enjoyed by future generations. He found the last record I needed to complete my Zono Minstrels set, in a charity shop in Alfred Scott Gatty’s home county of Yorkshire.

Very shortly after finding the record, Rob started his own website, which is an ever-evolving treasure trove of vintage music transferred to a very high standard. Click the image below to visit –

Old Gramophone Records


De sun am rising fro’ de mist ob dawn,
De little birds do twitter in de dell,
Dis darkie den do stretch himself and yawn,
While de oberseer do ring de morning bell,
Ding Dong Ding!
Dat noisy bell do ring,
Ding Dong Ding!
All in de morning,
And de darkies wid one bound,
Jump from bed upon de ground,
And den hurry to deir work,
All in de morning!

De sun hab reach’d de centre ob de sky,
What Dinah’s cooked for dinner who can tell?,
Dis darkie to de ole log cabin fly,
While de oberseer do ring de dinner bell,
Ding Dong Ding!
Dat pleasant bell do ring,
Ding Dong Ding!
All in de morning,
And de darks for miles around,
All come running at de sound,
And den hurry to deir dinners,
In de morning!

De moon am shining far above o’er head,
Dis darkie talk ob lub to darlin’ Nell,
He gib her one last kiss and den to bed,
While de oberseer do ring de eb’ning bell,
Ding Dong Ding!
Dat ebening bell do ring,
Ding Dong Ding!
All in de moonlight,
And we round ole Massa throng,
While we sing de ebening song,
And den hurry to our beds,
All in de moonlight!

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* The complete sheet music for all 24 Plantation Songs. This is now available in three different formats – colour, greyscale and monochrome. The scores have now been restored to the highest standard possible, which has taken many hours of work.

The scans of the extremely rare Fourth Volume were obtained courtesy of the North East of Scotland Music School in Aberdeen, who accepted a donation of my paper copies of Volumes 1 & 2 in exchange for scans of the rare volume.

The PDF files are not intended to be pixel-perfect reconstructions. They are intended to be as accurate a representation as possible of the originals published by Boosey & Co. between 1900 and 1902, as they would have been in mint condition. The colour has been added after blemish removal and repair have been carried out, to create a perfect uniform background across all scores.