Volume 4 Sheet Music – Upcoming Trip

I have some exceptionally good news!

I have managed to find a source of the Fourth Volume of Alfred Scott-Gatty’s Plantation Songs! This is the incredibly rare volume which I need to complete the set. Once I have the scans of this volume, I will then have the sheet music for the entire set of 24 songs. This will satisfy one of the major objectives of this site.

Not only that, it will also open the door to the possible accomplishment of one of the other objectives. I have always wanted to arrange performances and recordings of the entire series of songs, possibly in 2018, which will be the hundredth anniversary of Scott-Gatty’s death. Performing the songs without the sheet music would, of course, have been impossible.

Now, the possibility exists of finding four singers and a pianist who can complete this objective. The entire series of 24 songs has never been recorded, and most of the songs are unavailable in any recorded format. My aim would be to organise a session in a professional recording studio, so that the best possible quality can be obtained, and a complete set of recordings produced.

I would also like to organise concerts involving live performances of the 24 songs, and record them on video so that anyone in the world has access to a live performance whenever they want one, albeit a recorded live performance. If anyone knows of singers or music groups who would like to take part in the project, please feel free to email me at the address on the home page, or to leave a comment below.

I shall be making a trip from my home in Northampton all the way to Aberdeen, on the 13th/14th/15th of this month. The trip is so that I can donate paper copies of Volumes 1 and 2 to a music school, in exchange for scans of the rare Volume 4. This will give the music school a complete set of paper scores, while I will have the digital scans I need to be able to offer the complete set on this site, and to organise performances. Truly a win/win situation.

I will be making some short posts about the trip over the next two weeks. It will not be an easy trip, as I have to go down to London on a train, and then make two overnight 12-hour coach trips from London to Aberdeen, and then back again. Going via Birmingham would have been quicker, but far more expensive. Stay tuned for more news on this life-changing development.