Good Night-Dat’s Berry Queer Obtained

I have some more exceptionally good news!

This week, I made a trip down to Surrey to collect a copy of one of the two Zono Minstrels records I was still needing to complete the set. I have already completed the transfer to digital files, and the tracks have transferred well.

The other tracks have all been uploaded in August, on the exact anniversary of the day when they were first recorded. Obviously, it would be insane to wait until next August before uploading these. I will probably upload them on 18th December, the anniversary of Alfred Scott Gatty’s passing.

This will mean that eight of the ten Zono Minstrels tracks will be available through this site. The most important objective of the site is now 80% completed. One of the two missing tracks, Ding Dong Ding, is available on a Windyridge CD (Songs of the Old Plantation), so it is now possible to obtain nine of the ten tracks.

I still need to obtain one rare gramophone record to complete the set. That is Ding Dong Ding X-45453 and Down By Dat Ribber X-45454. Obviously, if you have a copy of this record which you are prepared to either sell or lend, I would love to hear from you.

I am also still looking for a better copy of Dis Ole Nigger X-45466 and Far Away Ober Dare X-45467, if anyone has one they wish to sell or lend.

Please contact me through the Wardle Media Helpdesk or Contact page –

Thank you