Annie Rees – Soprano

Welcome to the tribute page for the soprano, Annie Rees, one of the four singers who comprised the Zono Minstrels.

I am extremely light on biographical information, as I am with all of the Zono Minstrels singers. I have no birth date, birth place, date of death or place of death. Most of the information which can be found through the search engines concerning Annie Rees relate to appearances at the BBC Proms, and these are enough to show that she was highly respected in her day.

If anyone has any information concerning Annie Rees, I would love to hear from you. This page may start out looking rather sparse, but that can always be changed. The fact that she had such a common surname will not help with any potential detective work, but I would certainly like to know more about the beautiful voice which is so enchanting with “Shine Shine Moon” on “Good Night”. A photograph would be especially welcome, as long as it is copyright free, of course.

Further recordings of Annie Rees will be added here as I am able to obtain them. If you have access to any, or know where you can find some, I would also be interested in hearing from you. I can make the same offer that I made with Zono Minstrels recordings, that I will offer you a free transfer to digital media, as long as I am able to retain a copy of the recording and use it on this site.


Here is the Annie Rees ‘jukebox’. Recordings are linked to from YouTube to save bandwidth, and are not therefore in the highest quality possible. If you would like an uncompressed WAV version of a recording, contact me and I’ll be able to provide you with one. NOTE – The YouTube videos were embedded on the page, but this has had to be discontinued due to excruciatingly slow page loads. If you have any solution to this, please contact me!

Click on the links to hear the recordings, which will open from YouTube in a new window –



Duet with Violet Oppenshaw